Embossing, Invitations, and panneled cards

I’ve always been impressed with embossed work. Was wondering what anyone would care to share on the subject. Does anyone sell panell cards, and matching envelopes?

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Check for a “Will Call” paper house near you.


Here is Houston, Texas there are two large paper houses that sell panell cards, and matching envelopes.




As the original query seems to be slightly ambiguous i.e. appearing to want to Emboss Panel cards which are in essence, embossed in their own right already.
Genuine question, How will that work?
Print & Heat raise, (thermograph) Panel Cards, L/press or Litho, but *Double* emboss might be interesting, perhaps Deboss the Emboss.

If your press is strong enough, and even better with heat, you can panel any card you choose by cutting a 16 gauge piece of metal to the size of the panel, debur and shape the metal edge gently with emory, mount on a base and deboss the panel. You could buy your stock flat and run it 2-up if you need some room to feed the stock and cut to size after to fit the envelopes. But your not going to be able to do that on a table top press, you need a very strong press.
I have pulled embossed proofs before using a vise with a little setup. I wouldn’t want to run a job that way, but that’s the kind of pressure you need to bring to get a good hit.

Look up LCI Paper. Marlboro MA

If you have have ever seen an embosed business card it is quite unique. The only sucessful method I have had so far is to use a sizzix machine. And have a piece of 16 gauge metal cut with a laser thus a male and femal die. Now the big boys can do this to but I wouldn’t want to guess what they would charge.