Bostitch Stitcher Staples Question

I am posting this for a friend who has a Bostitch Stitcher question.
He is trying to determine a source and the correct staples for this machine. The Plate (see pix) reads Model EHFS. The picture with staples shows the correct ones on the left and staples that don’t fit on the right.
Can anyone point us in the right direction?

image: IMG_4998.JPG


image: IMG_4999.JPG


image: IMG_5001.JPG


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OR Maybe

Try, [email protected] He *Da Man*

Mick, where’s your usual diabolical diatribe about the differences between a wire stitcher and staplers.

J. B. with respect! My post was in good faith in order to help Steve V. with a wider spectrum of possibilities for his Quest.
Perhaps some kind of constructive alternative source(s) would help rather than laying in to me, or dont you have Anybody individual or Company to offer.???

My one liner, as short and factual as its possible to post, hardly provokes the *diabolical diatribe* crack above!

But *Rave On* Good Buddy, it keeps the post alive longer, & frequently brings forth Constructive offerings

Thanks, “Have A Nice Day”

This machine (EHFS) probably has the 62 head and takes SCCR Staples. They have a crown top, not a flat top. They come in 4 lengths - 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2” and 9/16”. Order them from:

This thread elsewhere seems to confirm what Larry Windom just posted:

Personally, I bought the same Bostich machine at Heagy’s warehouse and the SCCR staples I also found there would jam in the channel; the machine was lost before I got it sorted out.
B8s are definitely not right for this. They are for a variety of manual staplers and are much thinner than the blade of the EFHS: a jam, for sure.

I have sccr staples in stock for Bostitch machines. Have him call me for details. They do have a crown top as in the photo.
Larry 516-633-5107