Help with complex letterpress job

Hi I’m hoping someone can help me out with a client request for a letterpress project. What is the best hardware to use to make this dial spin in the center- rivets? Also is it better to get 2 dies made or purchase a circle cutter and then only have 1 die of the small square made?

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Did you forget to post pics of the sample?

Is this a an old profession?

Sound like a job a fellow asked be about6 months ago.

Well, whatever it is, you’d be much happier having the whole circle (center pivot hole, outside circumference, and “window” punched together. It saves a couple operations overall, and reduced screwing things up a fair bit. If you want, you can ask the die maker to make the “window” part of the die removable so you can use the rest of the die for the form base, or for some other use.

I would use hollow eyelets for the pivot point. Depending on the size of the form, you may have to handset the eyelets, or you may be able to use something like a Bates Eyeletter.

Do you have a example of what you are tyring to do?

Yes I uploaded a pic 3 times but it wouldn’t take. Thanks for the help- I am still waiting to hear whether its a go or not from the client.

mikefrommontana I am interested in the eyelets- I have a pop riveter but the eyelets I thought were for grommets which would make the wheel impossible to spin.

image: Screen-Shot-2015-05-21-at-9.13.02-AM.jpg