New on here!

Been watching for a while and thought I’d join. Well done to all of you for keeping letterpress alive! I wouldn’t have the patience nowadays to print some of the jobs you mention on here.

I served my time as a letterpress printer/linotype operator before starting up my own printing business with my brother. Thirty years on and we’re still going though times have been hard of late. Bloody computers!

One of the reasons I joined is that I’m hoping someone might be able to date our Heidleberg Super Speed which we’ve had for thirty years. Cost £800 and never let us down!

Just using it for perfing and numbering nowadays doubt whether the rollers would be up to printing anything decent!

The number is 21608/2 as far as I can make out. Cheers in advance.

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You can check Heidelberg serial numbers here:

21608 = 1962 according to the website above.


I don’t think Heidleberg Platens or on that list if I’m not mistaken.