Golding Pearl #11 treadle photos

Hi all,

If anyone has a Golding Pearl #11 Improved with a treadle, I would appreciate any photos of the treadle itself, showing how it is mounted to the press and from different angles. If you are able and it is easy, and photo of the treadle off the press would be especially helpful. I am going to have one made by my wife’s uncles, but want to make sure I have all the info I need to get the drawings correct.

Thank you in advance!

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Where are you located. I am in the process of having a new treadle cast in upstate NY. I have many pix and information for you. Please contact me directly at [email protected] or call me at 917-509-4844. I can give you lots of advice on this. I am posting one pix as a teaser.
Steve Varvaro

image: Treadle.jpg


Here’s mine with dimensions.


image: Pearl 11 treadle and rod.jpg

Pearl 11 treadle and rod.jpg

Hi Folks,
I sam following up on this post from a few weeks ago.
A friend and I had been actively working on making a replacement treadle for another friend that had recently acquired a Pearl #11.

Fortunately we were able to borrow one to use as a model.

The original idea was to make one from wood. The pictures here show the original rough mock up to check for “proof of concept. The critical points were the location of the pin on the left, the location of the pin on the right and the attachment point for the rod that drives the main shaft.
A critical element was the geometry and relationship of these points relative to the step itself.

We were making slow progress with the wooden version but were able to make it work. Before we finished I heard about a foundry in upstate NY, Thompson Foundry, run by Mike Thompson, 585-265-1460, that could cast and machine a new treadle for us.

We sent the “model” piece to Mike and he made an exact replica of this original that we had borrowed.

Interestingly the rod for this press was not the same length as the borrowed. We made a new one from 1/2 steel rod on which we machined threads on each end and used tie rod ends purchased from Grainger. The tie rod ends have internal swiveling bearings that made them very forgiving if the line up is not just right.

The last picture shows our friend as happy as can be running her Pearl her new treadle.

image: Ellen on press2.jpg

Ellen on press2.jpg

image: Treadle close up2.jpg

Treadle close up2.jpg

image: Wood mock up3.jpg

Wood mock up3.jpg