Please Help! Broken Ink Dog/Operating Dog Mechanism

Hi! My beloved 9x13 Kelsey Excelsior was damaged during a recent move and I am in search of a solution to get it fixed. I may be wrong but I think the part is called an Ink Dog/Operating Dog. I am unsure if these names refer to just the part that actually strikes the ink table or the entire mechanism that supports the striker, so please let me know if I am not using the proper terminology.

Anyway, the part that supports the striker was broken into two pieces, as shown in the pictures below. Is it possible to get this piece repaired or should I be searching for a replacement part?

My husband and I recently relocated to Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter, SC (just outside of Columbia, SC). We are willing to travel so any leads on a replacement part or suggestions of where I can go to get it repaired would be greatly appreciated.


image: image1.jpeg


image: image3.jpeg


image: image4.jpeg


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Do you have both pieces?
Contact T & T Press Restoration. They can repair it. They do good work.

Yes, I do. Thanks! I will look them up.

It would be our pleasure to repair the broken press part for you.
You can view examples of our repairs and feed back on our website.


Send us a note:

[email protected]

or give us a call


Tom & Terri