Linotype matrix of a Cannon?

Sorting through some old Linotype matrices, I found a few that seem to cast a little old world cannon. Any ideas as to what this was for? It was with others that were AP logos for a newspaper news service. Maybe this was a unique logo to end stories for a newspaper? Or for borders?

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It’s shown (at 6pt) in the last large Linotype specimen book (“Specimen Book of Linotype Faces,” circa 1939, commonly known as “Big Red”) on p. 1109. It’s in a section of “Patriotic Design Border Matrices.” Think 4th of July and cannon in the courthouse square.

If I’m lucky, a small image of this page, and an excerpt of half of the line of micro-artillery, will appear inline here.

The entire page is online in an as-yet-incomplete scan of Big Red, at:

David M.

image: big-red-1109-cannons-small.jpg


image: big-red-1109-small.jpg


Yes, I think that is what I have. Outstanding! I appreciate it!

And here I thought perhaps linotype were fans of the boardgame “Risk”