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Found a way to finally attach the new...13 Oct
Found a way to finally attach the new...13 Oct
I have worked with a couple of printers...26 Jul
I moved a cabinet of 44 cases last...13 Jul
Looks a bit like the 1885 Baltimore #11...30 Jun
I'm not seeing anything too scary in...30 Jun
Thanks for the ID, folks! That helps a...6 Jun
Here are good treads that discuss...12 May
I see slug cutters on ebay missing that...29 Mar
Found it listed in the Inland Printer...2 Mar
I made a pretty good test print on this...1 Mar
I have these available for sale, if...1 Mar
I have several of these that are...25 Feb
I had an old set for my small Kelsey...10 Feb
I bought one a few weeks ago, and had...1 Feb
I have the Curtis and Mitchell...7 Dec
Not sure where you are located (I am in...1 Sep
I bought rollers for my Kelsey 3 x 5...14 Aug
Direct message sent. 11 Jul
It's not exactly IN Toronto, but the...23 Jun
Well, this Rouse Press is kind of...18 Jun
Yes, I think that is what I have....13 Jun
Found another with the word "LINOTYPE"...7 Jun
I am glad I had a chance to make a...2 Jun
and finally . . . 25 May
and a few more . . . 25 May
As requested, some photos of the trip...25 May
Mission Accomplished! 1925 miles, 6...6 May
I have a smaller floor model late...21 Apr
Outstanding! I went to my local Ace...21 Apr
When I was going to make my first...19 Jan
I was able to get the original pin to...10 Dec
Great Information everyone! Thanks for...1 Dec
Outstanding. Thanks for the photos and...1 Dec
Outstanding. From what I can see, mine...25 Nov
Great information! Thanks. As I was...25 Nov
Actually, I see the numbers 403 and 404...25 Nov
Well the parts I need will cost nearly...17 Apr
Bruce cpd - that is the press I bought...15 Apr
Thanks Howard H for the photo - good to...3 Jun