Ok so i cracked the mystery of rollers now i need type. Where does a rookie buy some type to get started..


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the Museum of Printing in North Andover, Massachusetts is having a type sale in a week or two, not too far from you, they have great prices and quite a bit of type for sale.

Not sure where you are located (I am in northern Virginia), but I passed up four fonts of type today that were just taken out of a 24 drawer/case type cabinet I am buying later today.

Those fonts are:
Wedding Font 10pt
Wedding Font 12pt
Park Avenue ATF 12pt
Freehand 12pt

They are apparently individually bagged by letter, and the entire font put in another larger Plastic Bag. I don’t know condition or if anything is missing, but if you want me to get them today, I can probably ship in a large flat rate box for a decent price. These fonts are like some I already have, but they might be open to selling them.

In addition to printing fairs, swap meets, and liquidation sales of old printshops, you can find used type on e-bay, and in the classified section of this very website.

There are also a number of type foundries still casting shiny new type!

Off the top of my head:
Skyline- http://skylinetype.com/
M&H- http://www.arionpress.com/mandh/
Swamp Press- http://www.swamppress.com/
Hill & Dale- http://www.briarpress.org/1331
C.C. Stern- http://www.metaltype.org/ccstf/

There are also a few people making new wood type:
Moor Wood Type- http://moorewoodtype.com/
Virgin Wood Type- http://www.virginwoodtype.com/

Where are you located?

Im located in upstate NY at the very top not the upstate NY city folks think lol

John Barrett’s ‘Letterpress Things’ in Chicopee MA will make you feel like a kid in a candy shop, well worth the trip from upstate NY
Ed Rayher at Swamp Press in Northfield MA is excellent also


One more source for new type …
Quaker City Type