Type ID and question

I purchased some used metal type that appears to be 84 point in size. (the letters themselves appear to be 72 point).
From what I can tell at the identifont.com website, the font appears to be Franklin Gothic Extra Condensed. Is that correct? (photo below)

I am missing some letters: uppercase D, H, Q, X, and lowercase p, z and have only singles of some letters.

Is there a likely place to purchase the missing letters of this font to make it a complete and usable set? Is Letterpress Things likely to carry them?

Thank you for any suggestions.

image: type.jpg


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This was cast by American Type Founders. You can also identify this by the three digit font ID number stamped on the lowercase m. I can see it in the photo, but can’t read it. The book American Metal Typefaces of the Twentieth Century has an appendix that lists these numbers.


Thanks for this helpful tip. Below is a detail of the lowercase m. I may have to invest in that book!
Thanks again.

image: type-m.jpg


ATF Franklin Gothic Extra Condensed. You nailed it!

You can find a bunch of good info and links to ATF and other type founders’ specimen books here:


The link to a spreadsheet of ATF numbers on that page appears to be temporarily broken, so I’ve placed a copy that I downloaded a while ago here:


I hope that links works! ;-)

Thank you! I had also tried the aapa link and found it broken so I appreciate this.