Where to purchase Gold Bronzing Powder

Hi All,

I have read through many threads on Briar Press and want to use the gold bronzing powder method for an upcoming wedding invitation. I don’t have the ability to do foil stamping and it sounds like brushing the bronzing powder on to wet ink is the next best bet.

However, I can not find a place to purchase this powder… I saw a couple threads that mention some places over seas, but even after translating the websites to english, I had trouble finding the right powder. Can anyone either recommend a place to purchase this powder in the states or send a direct link to purchase the best powder?

Thanks you so much for your help!

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Send an e-mail to these guys, they will gladly send it to you: http://www.dullerenco.nl/bronspoeders-koper-en-diverse-goudkleuren-klein...

try Thermotype, if you can’t find an address let me know and i’ll try to get it for you. I believe they are in Florida.


Try checking this page out. Then either call or order a sample metallic color-card from these folks.

They sell metallic powders primarily for screenprinting, but they are ground finely enough to work for what you want, and are indeed most excellent for the purpose.

Good luck.

if you were anywhere close to milwaukee, i could foil stamp those for you. for a very reasonable price.