I have a Vandercook proof press and I want to know which brayers work the best for inking up the type. Does the composition of the rubber need to be soft or hard. I also find that the Speedball rollers tend to get sticky when they have been cleaned as though they have a residue on them. I just purchased some rollers from Graphic Chemical with stands. I hope they are better then the Speedball. I also have 3 large rollers that detach from the handles. The diameter of these rollers are at least 2.5” diameter but the rubber seams too soft. Are these good enough the use? Thanks, Larry

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I have had the same experience with the Speedball rollers. Speedball suggest cleaning them with mineral spirits, but when I have cleaned them with Gamsol (artist studio grade odorless mineral spirits), they swell and become sticky. Not so good!

Please give a report on your Graphic Chemical ones once you have used them.


My Speedball rollers are from circa mid-seventies, with wooden handles. The rubber on these is much better than the new ones. Mine do nut gum up after cleaning like the new Speedball ones. I use paint thinner to clean up. I’d be curious to know how the Graphic Chemical ones work out as well.

Best thing to actually clean speedball brayers with is Kerosene. It doesn’t swell them as much as mineral spirits does. There’s something in it- maybe the naphtha- in mineral spirits that attacks and absorbs into natural rubber.

They’re expensive, but TAKACH PRESS makes some EXCELLENT hand brayers and rollers. Simply the best. And they make them in a variety of OD’s and widths.

I think I have some original speedball brayers that are quite old (new old stock) in original boxes. If you would be interested give me a call.
Larry 516-633-5107 cell/text

Thanks for the advice on the brayers. I will let you know how the brayers work out from Graphic Chemical Ink. I did purchase a set of the varied widths rollers from Takach Press. Haven’t used them but will let you know how they perform. Larry