Never haveI met a ouople of kids with more serious (?) problems than you two third- or fourth-gradgers.
Have you never heard of “Buy the book and then buy the press?”
People with a lifertime of experience are going out at auction every day and you two buy a press and put up your shingle and.voila…you’re gonna make an istant success!
Just when Briar Press was beginning to make some sense, we get you two clowns on the same day!
Perhaps you two can get together and cry in each others’ beer!
Gotta run now, else I’ll be late for the full moon!
Perhaps we’ll meet sometimes at the bookstore!

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The above is in reference to:

The full moon is here!

Stan, what are you on I want some of it

Stanislaus Pekala,
Listen to Stan, he speaks the truth, it may be hard to read,but I believe in him and what he has to say!
No one will/can walk in his shoes! He is a Great Man! His knowledge will hopefully be passed on…to those who listen.

Blaine? Who last posted in 2013 and was looking for advice on how to best put his printshop to good use?

Remo? Who is running a windmill and producing what looks like perfectly fine work, including embossing and foil-stamping… but appears not to have a perfect handle on english or english printing terminology? (he didn’t post a link, but listed his instagram handle, so if you want to see the work in question click here: )

Stan, I think that out of all the weird and terrifying posts on this forum, you made some odd choices to call out…


To HavenPress:
I’m on reality. The question is: “What are you on?”
“Wishing you a great day!”

Stan~ Did you just “I know you are but what am I” me?

“Cogito Ergo Sum” —Descartes