Cylinder press identification

Hi everyone,

not long ago I went to Colombia. In a city called Cali, I found a print shop with the machines in the photos. They print short run posters (1-1000) that “do not warrant the cost of an offset plate”. The plates are carved by hand.

The blue poster was about A0.

The press with the yellow/green ink was used to do the background colours.

Can anyone identify the presses? the larger one looks like a C. W. Potter, Jr.


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Pretty difficult to say since the photos are only visible for a few seconds at a time. The drum cylinder looks like a Babcock Country. The smaller cylinder might be European, possibly a Jullien.



Click pause, bottom-left to stop the slide show.

Very neat. reminds me of Grafica Fidalga.

Sorry about the weird slide show. It was the first time that I used the website to post images and awkwardly it didn’t let me post them without the slide show.

Thanks for the comments.

Babcock Country looks very close, thanks Bob.

HeavenPress, thanks for the link, that is exactly what the place felt like, and how the pressmen came across. It was an amazing place to be in. I felt like in a dream!