Windmill weekly lubrication question

I’ve been working with our newly acquired Windmill off and on for about 6 months now, mostly everything is going well. I have some questions about proper lubrication—

I know the expectation is that these presses are being used daily and for long runs, and that the yellow points are to be lubricated weekly. But I am using the press very lightly, only 2-3 days per week on average, and for short runs averaging 200-300 sheets. I oil all the red points every time I print, but I’m wondering if I should lubricate the weekly points regardless of how often the press is used, or should I wait until, say, I’ve used the press at least 5 times?

Also, some of my runs are over with so quickly, that it’s hard to know how often and when to throw the handle for the central lubrication system. The instructions say every 4 hours, but I rarely have it running continuously for that long. After makeready fits and starts, some of my runs are over in 20 minutes.

I’d appreciate it if someone could advise me on this.

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I oil everything weekly, I run mine about 3 or 4 days a week for about 6 hours a day, if I hear any squeeks i’ll stop and oil.

Oil never hurts it. I run mine in spurts of 30 minutes to 10 hrs. I oil it every time and I oil it often. Get some oil dry and put it down where the drips are. Keep your reservoir full and always give full pulls several times. That is just on my Red ball, my black ball, I dump oil down in along, to the left “front” (not the gear) of the main ink drum. Helps to stop the usual sounds that come from older windmills.

Oil is cheap.

I’d oil weekly, regardless of how many days per week the press is used.

Like automotive engines, the bearings/journals float on a film of oil, and that film can weep out when the press sits.

The pump gets oil to the big journals we can’t reach… the ones that cost a fortune to replace. I’d use the pump before each session and verify oil is weeping from the journals.

If something squeeks, it is being damaged and reducing the life of the machine.

Did I mention they don’t make these presses anymore?

Thanks for the advice everyone. I’ve been wondering if the oil would seep out regardless of use so will keep to the recommended schedule, plus use the pump each session. So far, I haven’t had any squeaking problems but I want to take care of the press, it truly is a wonderful machine.