Please help identify and date this Hamilton Cabinet

Hello. I’ve seen some folks have luck in this board getting info on their Hamilton Cabinets. I just bought one with 50 partitioned drawers and cleaned it up. I cleaned out every drawer and used some Restore-A-Finish on it. I also cleaned up the drawer pulls. I’m thrilled with how it turned out. .

Can someone give me an idea of the age? Any other info would be great. Thanks in advance!

image: image.jpg


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Here’s a picture of the pulls. Thanks.

image: image.jpg



Thanks for posting the link to the 1906 Hamilton catalog. I found a couple cabinets I had been wondering about. On page 40 are listed the No. 64 and No. 70 New Departure cabinets, one of each are in my shop. They have the great feature of having varying depth of cases, making it possible to fit in smaller fonts in the smaller cases and fuller fonts in the larger. This makes it possible to get 28 cases in the single tier and 56 cases in the double cabinet.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

Yes… Thanks for posting the catalog. What an awesome reference and it helped narrow down the timeframe. What I wouldn’t give to find some of the unique cabinets in this catalog!

This is one of the best links ever shared here, with many unfamiliar things not shown in the more familiar catalogs of Hamilton’s distributors. For printers with an interest in woodworking, this is inspiring. The modular Unit Type Cabinets are worthy of a revival. The Mastodon Cabinet…imagine the shops that installed that.