Decanting Printing Ink?

Recently acquired, Several Hundred Cans of ink, maybe more than 500. Mostly Litho, some Genuine L/press. In cans of, from 500.g. (grammes) up to 2-1/2 Kilos.!!
50% Unopened… Every colour under the Sun, several special mix, from virtually every supplier across Europe to Japan, good showing of Van Son ex Netherlands.

THE BIG QUESTION, Please, how to Decant into smaller containers:- i.e. Clean Cans, Clear Glass containers, Lead Tubes (possibly) what weight to offer, how to Identify colour ** (clear glass, finger *DAB* Colour Strip around the rollers etc.)
** Some original labels absent.!

The request for help and purpose of the exercise, to Eventually, offer on E Bay for sale.

One tentative possibility is either a Bookbinders or Carpenters hot water immersible system, but *How* without having to decontaminate the inner container at every colour.

All/Any suggestions more than welcome. Thank You. Mick.

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I don’t know if cake decorating equipment could be helpful — if there is an arrangement of disposable sleeves for the paste that can be sealed to a nozzle of some sort. I devised a connector between a large toothpaste tube and a small travel tube, so I can travel with my favorite toothpaste that isn’t available in small containers. A similar connector would permit you to fill a dispenser and connect it to 1/4lb empty tubes, filling and capping them without much waste or mess and disposing of the empty dispenser insert afterwards. Just a thought.


I’d also look into some sort of disposable-sleeve and nozzle arrangement. It would be a solid amount of work, but you could probably do it very, very cheap.

A.L.P. & Kimaboe, Thank You, sounds good, experiments will start very shortly, there is so much, it will take a long time but *Slowly Slowly* of course.
Ideally, with smaller shops and outfits in mind, what would be considered as acceptable amounts, per unit, to offer.?

Disposable Sleeves are excellent for choice, I would be struggling for ever with a Caulking Gun etc., and spending more in solvent for decontamination.

Again Ta.! Mick.