Phönix Tiegeldruckschnellpresse, S&G, 1902

Here a link to a link to all who are interested in Gally Presses.
Enjoy it!
Gott grüß die Kunst

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A lot of great photos! Thanks!

I’m sorry I can’t read the German for all the reasons they were better than the competitors, but the images are great. Their segmented rollers and feed tables with roller racks built-in would seem to be unique.

Start to learn some German – it’s an important language in the history of letterpress :-)

…and German is especially important in the development of the Gally platen. Those Saxons of Phoenix and of Victoria made improvements that Gally and Thomson never did. Even the Swiss Gietz seems to be just a copy.

Was für eine fabelhafte Sammlung, eine Medaille zu verdienen Sie für die Erhaltung ganze Geschichte.
Mach weiter so.

Hey guys, does anyone know what model it is? It’s a Phönix, probably from the 20’s. Any info about this press? Thanks!

image: Unbenannt.PNG