Avocet stamper,die cutter and embossing platen

Anybody have experience operating a 1987 Avocet 40 inch clamshell?

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most of these big clamshells (40 and up) if hand fed run pretty much the same. they only do so much. run/stop. maybe impression on/off. some have dwell usually open, sometimes also closed.
point is, learning experience on one can be transferred to another. Safety’s may be different, possible low oil pressure shut off.
Learning to hand feed safely is biggest priority.
if this thing foil stamps, then learning controls for that should be easy.

I have run 40” Thomson and smaller. This machine has a different style foil puller that I am not familiar with and the settings for impression are different which will figure out thru trial and error. Was hoping someone had experience on this brand to ease the learning curve. There are no manuals of any kind at all with the machine. Need to find one online

can you email me pics of the control panels? might as well include foil drive also.

I have pics. Where to?

E-mailed you about 8 pics. Hope they came thru ok