Looking for LetterPress Parts

I am currently trying to find the last missing pieces for a Chandler and Price Letterpress I am putting together. Please let me know if you have any of the following:
- Feed board
- Feed board bracket
- Throw off Bolt and Nut
- Ink disk bracket with bolts
- Side arm - Bolts and nuts
- Roller Arm - Bolt and nuts

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What size and style C&P?

Yes, the size and style is very important indeed.

You might try contacting Don Black and contacting NA Graphics, as reputable businesses they are a start.

i have some sort of feed board i think. it may be a delivery table. i will post a pic of it Sat.
it is free for the cost of shipping.

We have a few parts for an 8x12, if that is the size press you have.


I’m seeking several things for a 8x OS.
Roller arm, left plus the long arm that operates the roller arm assembles
Cam wheel on main shaft, left side

I’ve got an 8x12 OS parts press mostly there but for the ink disk and a few other small bits. The prime flaw is the crack in the lower right alligator. What press do you have?