The trip lever on the carriage of my press is getting jammed on the plastic disc at the end of the bed that flips it into trip on the way back. It doesn’t happen every time but the plastic disc is slowly getting chewed up & I’ve had to replace it a few times already. I can’t figure out what’s causing the trip lever to not flip smoothly (it’s the non-operator side only). Anyone run into this problem before, or have any ideas?

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It is probably the cylinder trip spring, and depending on the serial number, that spring is either a coil spring or the newer style flat spring. You just got new trip rollers a month or so ago, so see the condition of both springs. I have the flat springs in stock and am looking into having the coil springs made. If the spring of either style is broken, and it is not easy to see between the side plate and the end of the cylinder, then replacing it (or both) along with lubrication of the moving cylinder trip parts will likely solve the problem.

It is also very important to have the trip mechanism’s oiling points well-lubricated, both at the front and the back of the press. Have you oiled your press recently?


image: sp20oil.jpg

Fritz & Dan, thanks for the quick responses. It seems like a good oiling solved the problem. I do oil the press weekly & use the points you pointed out on the outside of the carriage. But what seemed to do the trick was reaching inside the carriage & giving a good oiling to all the trip levers & other parts which I’ve never done. (Outside oil hole might be clogged.) Just ran a few hundred posters without the lever getting jammed. So thanks for the help, much appreciated!

Glad you got it worked out. Have fun with that press!