Die-cutting on C&P / Sharp loud clicking noise?


I’ve seen topics posted much like mine but I have a specific question that I can’t seem to find the answer to. I have a 12x18 C&P that I use printing only, have no idea what else the previous owners may have used it for. I used it to die-cut coasters (Neenah Wild / super thick stock) and I set it up fine as far as I can tell (spring-steel sheets behind the chase and paper being cut), the only thing that scares is me is the noise it makes - it’s a very sharp clicking noise. Is that normal? Are there any things I should absolutely do to ensure I don’t completely screw up my press?

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If you have for pressure set correctly the die should not be hitting the plate under the paper very hard. a sharp click or bang is normal when cutting heavier stock

Stop cutting! there could be okay things here, or very bad things. First the okay, if you can determine that the sound is indeed coming from the die completing its cut through the stock, then okay. “long center bevel” rule will snap less on cutting.it will also tear the back side of the stock, if that is happening.
Now the bad. A heavy impression of any sort, needs to be centered on the press, or perhaps on the low side. you end up reaching further into the press for feeding and retrieving but, it is better for the press. A heavy impression if too high in the press will cause the gate Lock, or, rocker Lock to kick out. this is bad in that ir wears heavily on the lock surfaces, but also allows all the impression force onto the rocker arm pin. this is the pin holding the roller in the big groove in the main gear.
This situation can be noticed by watching the rocker lock during the impression. the pics show the area to look. should be right by your left knee when in feeding position. the pics show the lock engaged and open. when the press closes the lock engages. make sure it is not snapping out when on impression. if it does, lower the position of your image, or add bearer blocks down low, to even the pressure out

image: rocker lock open.jpg

rocker lock open.jpg

image: rocker locked.jpg

rocker locked.jpg

image: rocker lock area.jpg

rocker lock area.jpg

Do you have your diecutting jacket/spring-steel sheet behind the chase or on the platen under your tympan paper? How thick is your steel plate? How much packing do you normally use when printing? If your die is .918 rule height then you will need to remove packing the same thickness as the plate, you may even need to lower platen. Can you post photos of your set up?