Cardboard boxes

I was wondering i been buying old type in original ATF boxes, and so far i have quite alot of boxes after sorting them out. First i feel like its bad to open never before opened type. Then i wonder should i keep all the old boxes. I dont want to throw them away.

But something in me tells me if i ever want to move all this stuff. Putting type back in the boxes might take up way less space…

Just curious..

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Though I save my ATF boxes, it’s not for reloading with type. The type goes into a regular type case, and should I need to move, the case with type in it gets moved. When I started moving letterpress “material” by the truck load, I was never bothered with the room problem.

I can’t imagine refonting hundreds of cases back into the original boxes. So based on your earlier question of how to store spacing material, I’m wondering how you have your type distributed—in regular printer’s type cases, or some hybrid container system? If everything you have has to go in the back seat of a car, then that’s one problem, but if it is a local move or one using a rental truck or trailer, then it is easier to move cases of type. I’ve recently moved about 300 type cases 10 or 12 at a time in the back of my car the couple of miles to the new shop. But repacking all that type into the original boxes is cruel and unusual treatment.