Custom Magnesium Plates?

I’m looking to have plates made, and photopolymer is not an option for this projects. I’m looking for a resource that makes custom metal plates. Any resources you know of? Thank you!

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Owosso makes all my mag dies. their contact info is in the yellow pages on this site.

Owasso’s work has been generally very good, but the last couple orders of ours had issues that should’ve been caught before they sent the plates. I’d check the proofs and the plates closely. They do copper also (if the job is long and the impression is deep).

magnesium used to be a lot cheaper than copper. presently, because mag is a flammable metal, along with the cost of doing bizz with acids involved, the prices are much closer. the durability of copper far exceeds mag, and considering that copper is much more easily recyclable, i think copper is a much better value.
Universal engraving
Graven images
Metal Magic
Most can work off of a high res PDF now. don’t be surprised if they want a “vector” file for certain images.

Add Globe engraving in NJ to that list

I have purchased magnesium dies from Hodgins Engraving in Batavia, New York since the 1970s. They provide high quality products and have them delivered in about four days. They do copper too, but I have not used them for this. Customer service is excellent and they are very pleasant people.

Concord Engraving in NH also offers mag dies (and photopolymer), I’ve had great results from them.

Thanks all for the multitude of options! I wasn’t having much luck with the ‘ol Google machine.

Add to your list of magnesium plate maker:
AE engraving, Reading, PA
[email protected]
Fine work, very customer friendly, reasonable price.
Joe Weber