Paper company promotions

Two of the U.S. paper companies that continue to promote letterpress, as well as other things like engraving, are Mohawk and Neenah. These are major mills with nation wide distribution. Mohawk sent out their latest promotion this morning featuring an engraved whisky label but there are other links to letterpress topics that are of interest. These companies promote to the designers and graphic design trade who in turn determine paper selection and method of printing.

Today’s promotion is:

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And further down in the emails was the weekly offering from Paper Specs, again with letterpress content and this week featuring an item of interest—Ben Levitz and his letterpress/foil stamping work. Ben and his Studio on Fire have been expanding this past year—he is now running Heidelberg cylinders and is adding a Saroglia foil stamping press, a significant piece of equipment.

and here is a picture of a younger Ben when we had a letterpress workshop in Denver in 2008:

Go for It Ben Levitz
This is great to see.

Print America!
Print Proud!

And then in this morning’s emails was a promotion for Legion Paper who specifically cater to letterpress:

There is a large market for letterpress beyond weddings and so much of it is based on what designers can do with the various papers out there. As I advise many of my customers who are trying to establish them selves as printers, beyond the hobby stage, get to know and work with the local graphic designers.

Thanks for posting this, Fritz. I’m already subscribed to Felt and Wire, but just signed up right now to Paper Specs.

This morning is another new Paper Specs with Selene—though not letterpress, it is absolutely amazing to watch Selene in action, especially her introduction delivered at the speed of light—what a way to start the new week: