Foil stamping pod cast

Ben Levitz recently did an hour long webinar with Selene of Paper Specs and for a limited time, it is available as a pod cast:

Ben shows a number of superb samples of foil stamping, and explains how the various effects are achieved, along with discussions of plates, letterpress, engraving and why, for example, opaque white in letterpress is a poor choice for printing on dark colored paper stocks. Note that Ben has a shop with 15 employees and the Sarologia press shown near the beginning is not your table top press that we discuss at length on Briar wondering why the damn thing doesn’t print well. There is a distinct difference between the hobby printer and their expectations and those who are striving to make an actual living with their printing work. Ben stresses working with the designers early in the process, and there in is where the bulk of letterpress/foil work comes from—the design community. It is an interesting hour looking at some really nice work.

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Fritz! Thanks for posting the link for this. i found the information relatively basic, albeit very accurate!. But, Holy Cow! the work shown is really nice stuff. it is nice to see someone taking foil operations to the highest levels.