Up-to-date artwork?

Have a customer, everything I design something for them, and use clip work (I am NOT an artist) the come back from the customer is this statement: Your artwork looks to 80s looking.

They want something up-to-date. I put a football player on a flyer this morning and the same come back the football player art looks so 80s, we want some art up-to-date.

How do you get up-to-date looking art?

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Here the artwork I referring to.

image: footballplayers3.jpg


If you are looking for football or any thing else. Go online to Google Images and find whatever suits you. Then purchase and download the artwork.
There are many, many online sites that sell all kinds of images that are either illustrations, photographs or pretty much anything else you can image. The artwork you show here is obviously made up of four colors. I can’t imagine you would be printing four colors letterpress. Unless you intended to use a program to strip this artwork down to just two colors the black and the red. Good luck,

Maybe the key is your comment —I am NOT an artist. Perhaps you ARE a printer, and let the customer bring the artwork to you. These days that means an electronic file that gets translated into a plate. I suggest that the graphic designers are the ones who create and your job is getting the ink on the paper. Pretty much the days of copy on the back of an envelope and the printer chooses the type styles, sizes, and layout are gone. Don’t try to sell something you can’t do.

I am the designer, using InDesign and PhotoShop.

This is request to do a layout to promote an event or event.

But, not begin a person that can draw, I use art from website Stockphoto etc and layout the type to dress up the flyer or ad.

I guess it’s the art I select that look old to them.

So, what does new art look like?

Also the people request these layouts are in their early 60s.

These are a bit ‘static’
Try 123rf.com and search “American football silhouette”

Gotta add “HAIR” to the players!….sorry I just couldn’t resist. Your customer is right they do look 80s, not “in your face” enough. I went to a football game with my grandson a week ago—-today the fan doesn’t have to cheer as the noise level can be programed into the PA system.
Football has changed, the new fan base expects a different view than what we (older fans) knew.

Sorry, I went to these two sites:
123rf.com and search “American football silhouette”

All the art looks the same to me.

To echo what Fritz mentioned above, this is more of a graphic design problem that could be solved in other ways beyond finding the right “football” clip art. Consider other treatments such as the outline of a football field, grass, balls, helmets, athletic and college style typefaces, badges, goal posts, etc….or grab a current photo via google images and silhouette/outline the player yourself and print it 1-color (disguised, of course, to avoid copyright infringement)

As far as current trends in illustration and design go, I suggest looking at this website: https://creativemarket.com/

I wandered around in the 123rf.com web site and found a picture of my house being offered as a stock photo. One never knows what will be found on the internet.

As long as you can be seen waving from the window, I’d buy that!