Heidelberg Gripper Delivery / Side Guide Problem

I’m having difficulty with the delivery system on my windmill.

If I try to move my side guide in at all, it smashes my sheet and bumps it out of register.

I’ve noticed that when the grippers deliver to the lay gauges, the paper is going far past the right gauge (see the attached photo). Is this normal? I’m guessing it’s what’s causing my side guide issue. I just put in a lay gauge with a pin at the end and it goes well past the pin. I’ve also tried using cheater bars on the feed pile without any luck.

I have had success in printing perfect registration, with the side guide out. Thicker stock seems to make this a bigger problem.

Any ides how to correct this?

Thanks for your help.

image: paper.JPG


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I’ve had issues with this as well. I basically leave my side guide all the way out. I’ve also taken to using the flying dutchman technique as a safeguard to keep the paper from bouncing back. I’m still getting dings in the leading edge from the side guide, though.

Are you using OEM grippers, or aftermarket? I had this problem with my 2nd windmill. What I ended up doing was switching to OEM grippers and filing down the height and thickness of the side gauge some. If you are using aftermarket grippers look at the bottom of it between the slot and edge(OEM grippers are thinner in this spot), I bet you will see nicks. That is from the side gauge coming up and hitting it and then pinching the paper. After doing this to mine I can hold perfect register from #80 text to #220 cover(all I ever run), before it was a crap shoot. Some would register and some would not!