Impression lever

I have a 12 x 8 treadle platen. It does not appear to have any mechanism for on/off impression. Constantly on. Did they make a platen without the on/off mechanism.

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Your photos are not showing up, but it is not unheard of to have a platen-style press without an impression throw-off. I’m not sure about C&Ps, but my circa 1863 11x7 Gordon Jobber does not have one and when I got back into printing after 40 years, making the adjustment was not a big deal. Accurate feeding (smooth is quick and slow is fast) will allow you to print without the throw-off. The biggest annoyance for me has been stopping feeding to replenish ink (you have to remove the chase.)

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Is there away to fashion an on/off lever.

if you can post pics or send, of the backshaft area. the shaft behind the plate in the pic you have posted.
if that shaft, looks like side arms off center maybe something could be done. lots of work though, as it does not look like there is anything there from a pre-existing mechanism. if the bolt holding the side arm onto the shaft is dead center, then nothing can really be done without extensive modification. the “eccentric” action of the backshaft turning is what on/off impression works on.