Vanson Rubber Base Ink Skinning

Hey All

I have had trouble with my ink skinning since the start. I have spoke with many people from boxcar and vanson. Tried scrapping the “skin” off the top and laying down wax paper, the original plastic and cardboard it comes with but no luck. It all continues to skin over in the the can! Its been fine to leave on the press.

Any thoughts suggestions would be great, I feel like we are wasting a ton.

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I know a printer that swears by this product for preventing ink skinning. I haven’t tried it, but have been meaning to give it a shot!


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Just a possibility, before it is resealed, under the original plastic Keeper & and the Cardboard,!! spray the surface of the ink in the can, with the same spray, for leaving overnight, as on the rollers and in the duct…If you by default *Thin Down* 1 Gram by the time it is fired up, with next visit to the can, has to be better than your stated waste.???
Used here U.K. a long time ago, primarily to over spray the Rollers & The Duct on Big wharfedales when running Posters for several days at a time.
The method above WAS ALSO used on large 7-10 Lb. Cans of ink when they would be re shelved for the Bi-Monthly Poster run, >Local Council entertainments Jobs<
Perhaps we are fortunate in that Van Son, European H.Q. in Holland is fairly close. Our graphic suppliers can supply almost immediately, *Van Son* Anti Skin in Aerosol can form, you must have equivalent Stateside.???

Hi Mick-
Van Son does sell a non-aerosol anti skin spray in the US. I have used similar products, but have always wondered what their frequent use would do to the consistency of the ink. The product I linked above is actually just a layer of gas which settles over the contents of the container and protects from exposure to oxygen. I am curious to give it a test, but have to admit that I haven’t used it yet. Some woodcut artists I know swear by it for protecting their Charbonnel which surprisingly is ink, not wine.


I have never tried this, but have heard of it before: pour a small layer of water over the ink surface and leave it in the can. This will seal the air out, and although there is a small amount of oxygen dissolved in the water, it is nowhere near the same amount of oxygen that is in the air. The ink and water won’t mix, and when you want to use the ink again, pour the water out of the can first.

Most of the ink we use nowadays is basically litho ink, and the litho printing process depends on ink not being able to mix with water.

Hopefully the tin plating on the can is fairly good, so the water won’t rust the can.

Since it would be easy to do, it might be worth a try.

Daniel, Thank you for your corroboration, sorry I could not put a name to your Stateside product.
Yes fully appreciated that sustained use would eventually degrade the ink, that explains my cautionary *thin down* comment, but a miniscule amount in a bigger can is virtually no different to start up after an overnight spray to retard the drying On.

Actual example:- 1957 Bill Haley & The Comets first U.K. Tour, *** the Bill Board posters, were printed in glorious Downtown Brighton Sussex, on a Wharfedale, the Ink used @ least one colour had been *capped off* in the previous Autumn (Fall), 4 months later virtually perfect straight into the duct of the Wharfedale.

One for the folklore and stories from the past, 98% true (only one or two names may have been omitted to protect the STILL living.??)

THE wharfedale could only accomodate 20” x 30” (Double Crown) size, the larger Posters were printed elsewhere in the County, and we believe those dastardly Apprentices were known to Trade posters illegally, at the Printing Dept of the Art School.

As >Johnny Cash< would say, One Poster at a time, in the obligatory Lunch Box, the Catchment area for the printing dept, covered several firms with a wide variety of machine sizes, a few of the Programmes also took the same route, we believe.!

Daniel, thanks again, Mick

Thank you all for your ideas and thoughts! Will definitely be trying them. Has anyone else had this problem?!?