Two Large Ludlow Cabinets - FREE JUST COME AND GET

I moved and I do not need these two Ludlow Cabinets. The cabinets are for large font sizes like: 36 to 90 point size.

You have to come and get them. Here in Houston, Texas 77081

They are FREE, just come and get them.

call 281-455-0050

The photo is NOT the cabinets I have, but a photo of what a large Ludlow Cabinet looks like.

image: ludlowlg1.53175f47c42ed.jpg


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Hello… I’d LOVE to have the Stick holder on the cabinet.
Been looking for one forever. Anyone else have any?

You might want to re-read Aaron’s post. I doubt the cabinets he is offering have the stick holder, but it is possible!


Sorry no stick holder, just cabinets.