The Lamp

Really, there are no words.

image: Lamp.jpg


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You know, that little press could probably be saved from a fate worse than death…….db

I’d like to imagine that as a side effect of this, a crafty lamp-maker somewhere is sitting on a treasure trove of small press ink discs and chases.

I really think this person missed the point of all the old timers beating the ground around here, saying over and over

………. make a light impression


Next week will feature ink disc end tables.

I have seen end tables made with Golding Pearl Bases.

I collect old telephones as well as print, and have seen a LOT of old candlestick telephones made into lamps :(

I guess it goes right along with selling off old wood type piece by piece.

I thought the press was made like that so you could see your type more clearly when hand inking the forme.

This is a perfect solution for dismembered presses that escaped the World War II scrap drives.