Kelsey Excelsior 8x5 Chase Base

I recently purchased an 8x5 Kelsey Excelsior table-top press, but am still missing a number of pieces. The seller I purchased it from has since been AWOL. Does anyone know where I can purchase a Chase Base? I’m still new to this and trying to learn the process of using my own plates.

I was owed some furniture and printers boxes and such as well, and never received those, so my lovely press has been unused since I received it!

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A few questions……

By chase base, do you mean the chase, the iron frame which locks into the press? Or, do you mean the base, the flat metal piece which locks into the chase, to mount photopolymer plates on?

You wouldn’t need the base if you were planning to use type instead of photopolymer plates. Which of these are you planning to use?

I’m not sure what you mean by printers boxes. Do you mean type cases?

Where are you located? If one of us is near you, it might be easier to get you going in the right direction, and provide you with a few things that you will need, and give you a demo of how things are used, etc., if that could be done in person. A lot of us have acquired extra stuff over the years which we don’t need, and could be of use to others. If you happen to be in southwestern Ontario, Canada, I could help.

Thanks for the info on the “chase base.” I didn’t know they existed but that seems like a good idea.

J.Y. As you appear to be implying that you want to work with Plates rather than Type, initially, offer the following :-
Long Long before the current method for mounting plates was even invented, there existed several methods, All completely universal, All compatible, All intermixed etc etc.!!

From the top, Strip product from the Monotype & the Elrod cast up as when needed, In House, both would accept .064” (064” thou) Plates, with D.S.A.

Next, The Supercaster also produced 3 em, x 3 em, high quads (and subdivisions) which also accepted .064” (thou) plates, N.B. in both the above cases it was standard practice to make up entire pages or entire forms, intermingled with Type/Text matter AND Plates, Blocks, Cuts etc etc, the restrictions of just Full Out mounting base were a long way in the future.

Next; the aluminium box girder manufacturers ALSO produced Bridge style Girder material in a wide variety of sizes and lengths, which again accepted .064” plates etc, again quite normal to incorporate Type/Text with blocks plates etc.

Next;- as Swedish (multi ply) Blockboard and M, D.F.(medium density fibre board) easily withstand the pressure exerted by the 10 x 15 Heidleberg Platen or C.& P. etc, perhaps investigate either of the above options,.
Can be precision trimmed/cut to size with reasonable spec Bench saw, can incorporate text/type with blocks, it aint rocket science to *make ready* to produce Type Height with Acrylic sheet, (Art Supplies) Paxolin sheet, Copper faced sheet, Printed circuit board, etc, (Maplins, Tandy,s, Radio Shack,) etc etc.


Pay a lot of money for the restrictions of a purpose made base.!!! For a *Few Dollars Less* experiment first, maybe!!

There’s another possible part the OP may be asking for. On the Kelsey presses, the chase bed (with roller rails) is a separate piece that can be removed from the press together with the chase or individually from it. It is locked into the press with the same lever as holds the chase. Kelsey sold this as a feature to use the bed as a composing stone.

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN

Thanks Geoffery, I’m actually in the metro-Detroit area so not that far from SW Ontario.

I actually purchased my press from Excelsior Press, which is why I’m hung up on the “chase base” things, but am open to more ideas. Since I purchased, I haven’t been able to get back in touch with the seller, both for support and to purchase his base.

Thanks for all the great info. I think I need to find an alternative to the Excelsior Press “chase base.”

Have any of you have experience with the Boxcar base? I’m considering this option and they seem like they’d have everything I need.

jyurkanin……It would take you about 3 hours to get to my place from Detroit. I have a Golding Pearl 7 X 11 and would be happy to have you come visit and run through actually printing a job here. I print from type though, so it wouldn’t be exactly the same as with a photopolymer plate and base. We could lock up a mounted engraving and print that, though.