Can anybody identify this press?

Hello everyone,

I’ve got the chance to buy this press from a private person, based in Germany.

Does anybody know, which type of press this might be?

Thanks for helping.


image: Unknown-7.jpeg


image: Unknown-8.jpeg


image: Unknown-9.jpeg


image: Unknown_10.jpg


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It looks similar to
They made presses for the German market.
Hope this helps

Ìf you have or can work out, how to contact B.P. members through the normal lines of communication, You could do No Better than a Post to our very good Friend and very well informed Buddy, >Thomas Gravemaker> based in Europe and well blessed with info re Continental Printing Press and associated equipment, hopefully He will look in anyway.

The press in question is an entirely different mechanism from the Victorias (which are parallel-impression); it is a clamshell mechanism, which would make it closer to a Heidelberg or Golding platen.

Thank you guys!
@ Mick on Monotype: I found a Thomas Gravemaker in Amsterdam. Now I am waiting for his reply.

I will gonna buy this press. It is a lovely little one, in a good condition from a nice seller.
And I don’t know, when I have the next possibility to get something similar.

Sorry guys, haven’t been able to answer yet, difficult to put a manufacturers name to it. The right hand bracket of the feeding table seems to be missing. I will try to take some pictures of a press that despite the fact that it has an ink disk, has got an identical construction of the feet, pedal, throw-off lever and the cam wheel situated on the right hand side of the press. But as I’ve already pointed out a few times here, several manufacturers in Germany would sell printing equipment without their own name on it to wholesalers and type foundries situated in Europe. I’ll do my best and maybe Jens can chip in here as well.

Nothing in my references. It looks German to me but it’s not from Hogenforst, Rockstroh or Schelter & Giesecke. I would wish the European trade was described as good as the American. New old manufactures of presses and equipment are constantly showing up in the files… The last few years I have discovered several unknown small Danish press manufactures - August Sædder, Skovhave Sørensen, E.A. Hammel - just to show. Sorry

Hi, I have the same:) I bought it 1 months ago in Germany. I don’t know anything about this machine but it works great! This is my second machine so i’m not expert and is difficult to say something more:)

image: maszyna.jpg


Eva K. Thank You for your post.! He is *the* T.G.

Thomas Apologies for putting You on the spot.

Looks like a treadle version of an early Honer.

Will have a motorized Honer at the Wayzgoose.

info at apa.wayzgoose.con

Dick Niehaus

This looks like a really nice press. It has a lot of the features of some better larger platen presses but it nice and small. Were I to find a press like that, I’d never let it go!