Having trouble finding Challenge Gordon chase

Mine came without- 8x12. I have a chase that fits an 8x12 C+P but it’s about .3 inch too tall for the Challenge. Anyone know of other sources to try or does anyone have this press and can post their chase measurements/photo?

Thank you!

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If it is only .3 inch too tall, you could probably have a machine shop take .15 inch off both top and bottom to make it fit. I imagine the top and bottom of the chase are angled, i.e. they get thinner toward the outside of the chase, so it will fit in the bottom “hooks” and in the chase clamp at the top. This should not be a problem for a machine shop. They could make it the same way, or whatever profile you needed.

One drawback to this approach, especially if the chase were cast iron, would be that you would be making it weaker, so you would have to be careful not to tighten the quoins too tight.

If you don’t want to go that route, you could try Andrew Churchman in Indianapolis, Letterpress Things in Mass., or Don Black Linecasting in Toronto, among others. They are all in the yellow pages on this site (Andrew is under “Letterpress Starter’s Kits:…”, but he has a warehouse of stuff as well).