Metal going all over the Ludlow Stick

The 6 point mold on my Ludlow wouldn’t let the slugs come out at times. So, I cleaned the mold with a mold polish and 2 point lead.

Now, when it cast, the metal goes all over the mats and the stick and I have to take the top apart to get the stick and mats out.

What did I do wrong?

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Part 676 could need replacing, See procedure in Ludlow Manual of Instructions. Metal Mold Wiper wears out and needs replaciing often epending on your usage.The book gives instructions on this. While you’re at it get a small wire brush and clean EVERYTHING under there! Oiling directions are up front in the book. Pl;unger and well should be cleaned about twice a week.
Give the mouthpiece a good brushing with a wire brush, and clean the inside of the 6 mold with a 6 pt. reglet dipped in graphite.
Have fun.

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I have had a similar problem in the past when I have used typemetal which had a poor alloy balance, causing the slug to stick in the mold.

I’m not certain what you mean by “metal goes all over the mats and the stick,” but it could indicate that you are not getting a firm enough lockup, allowing the metal to flow between the mats and the mold where they should join up firmly. Are you getting a lot of “feather” at the edge of the slug?

John H.