Aluminum replacements on a C&P

I was looking to buy a press and I stumbled upon a C&P in which the main axle that connects to the fly wheel was replaced with an aluminum one. They said it fits well and doesn’t wobble. I was wondering if anyone would know how well that would hold up in the long run.

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If the bearings are kept oiled, it probably will do just fine. Odd though, since aluminum rod stock generally costs much more than steel.

the key way will prob wear. if nothing else, do not lift this up with the fly wheel on. any sudden drop would prob bend the shaft. even with solid steel shaft, it is a good idea to remove flywheel for shipment.

It is just possible although described as *Aluminium* it may well be DURALUMIN no visible difference, to the untrained eye, but if it was is good enough for the “HINDENBERG” etc.etc.

Currently Duralumin *2024*??? … . Properties and strength well documented on Wikipedia.

Just a possibility. Maybe Nicholas 7768 should not be quite so apprehensive.

thanks everyone for the advice!