Removing Brake Pedal on C&P

Hi All,

I have a 8x12 C&P and need to take the brake pedal off in order to fit it through a standard doorway sideways. I see that it hinges on a pin that allows it to move - one side of that pin is crimped up a bit to keep it from sliding out. Any simple strategies on removing the pedal? Is it safe to just bang on the pin and remove it? See image of the pin from above in the image. Many thanks for your help!

image: IMG_5581.JPG


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It looks like a straight pin (not tapered) with a hole in each end for a cotter pin to keep it from sliding out. Since there are no cotter pins, I would assume that the pin is wedged in pretty tightly. I would also assume that the end of the pin is “crimped up a bit” because it was hammered in, rather than because they wanted to keep it from falling out.

Remember that the bracket the pin is in, is brittle cast iron. If you apply pressure by hammering on the pin or trying to wedge it out, you may break the casting. Perhaps it would be easier and safer to unbolt the whole bracket and brake assembly from the side of the press. Just remember that it will be heavy. Put some blocks of wood or something substantial under it, and have a few people there to steady it and hold it as it gets loose and comes off. You don’t want the cast iron bracket to break either, such as it probably would if you got down to only one bolt holding it and it started falling outward, away from the press. Start by going around to each bolt, loosening all of the bolts in stages, so you are not left with one tight bolt at the end.

Good luck, and always think to yourself before attempting anything, “Is this the safest way I can do this?”

One strategy would be to grab the outer end of the pin (which looks like the bashed end anyway) with a pair of visegrips and twist it/rotate it while pulling. Give it a bath at both ends with WD40 followed by regular lubricating oil before pulling. If you’re lucky the pin is loose enough to pull it out while twisting or rotating it.


There are two bolts that hold the whole brake assembly to the frame of the press. I’d recommend simply removing those two bolts and removing the whole thing. Shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.


Thank you all for weighing in! The two bolts on the side of the press were seized up which led me took at taking the pin out. But I bought some Loctite Freeze and Release and it loosened the bolts right up and the break pedal is off…easy. I appreciate the help!