Pantone Skin Tone Formula Guide

Anyone with the guide able to share the formula for Pantone 12-1007 U / Pastel Rose Tan?

Much appreciated,

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There’s no formula for that Pantone. At least not in the formula guides. It’s from the Home Fashion Paper Collection.

You could try one close match:

Pantone Solid Uncoated 4685 U
Yellow: 0.6, trans white: 98.50, black 0.4, warm red 0.5

This is a color I would do by eye, definitely if you can get a sample of what the customer wants.


Aha. I figured it came from an interiors guide… working with an interior designer…
Thank you for the response, Enrique. Much appreciated.

If you go with transparent white as per the formula above, the ink will be quite transparent, so the degree of whiteness of the paper, (or the color of the paper), will come through and affect the color. Also, if the design you intend to print in that color is small and/or has relatively thin lines, or is type for instance, the color will look darker if printed on white (or light) paper.

This is a job where I would have the customer on hand to approve it on the press, or where I would take the time to print a few proofs and have the customer approve and sign one, and send it back to you.

That’s right, Geoffrey. I agree.
You can also prepare the color with opaque white, by eye, and you’ll have less problems with getting up to the right tone.

For future reference, PANTONE Corporation have a cross-referencing tool on their website for occasions just like this one. The address is .

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