Photopolymer plates

Hello, I’ve recently decided to try printing using photopolymer plates. I was wondering if anyone knows of a place in Vancouver BC or in Canada where I can order photopolymer plates?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! thanks again

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Williamsons Printing Supplies in Toronto
I am in Victoria, I order from them all the time, they carry some of the other supplies you might need as well, like the adhesive to hold them on to the base, kreen and so on.
Good Luck

Hello Wade, I am a letterpress printer who makes polymer plates from customer supplied artwork. I also set and sell linotype and ship via Canada Post all over the country. I will mount polymer for .918 or ship flat whichever you like. For costs, send me the size and I will get you the price. Thanks Bob.

Thanks for all your suggestions for a place to get polymer plates. Just got my base, can’t wait to try it out!