Uneven inking

Hi everyone :) So my press (CP Pilot) isn’t printing evenly. On both the top and bottom it prints perfectly, matching impression depth and color saturation. But straight down the center (center of the top and bottom, not left and right) it totally misses. No impression. Not even a hint of ink showing the plate at least grazed the paper. Absolutely nothing. It’s very strange. I was able to fix it by putting blue painters tape behind that section, but it’s happened to everything I print. Any tips?

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A few things to check. Are the rollers true. Put them on a flat surface and see if they are the same across the whole surface of the rollers. Check the bed of the press with a straight edge also to see if it is flat and even across the whole surface. Check the roller height with a .918 roller gage and see if the strip is even all across the press - top, center, bottom as well as left to right on both rollers.
You have to try many things to find the answer by eliminating them one by one.

Also check to be sure the platen hasn’t cracked down the middle, as could happen with deep impression printing on a small tabletop press.