Looking for Identification and parts

This is a larger press than the one I posted before. I don’t know anything about this one but would like to see if we can’t get it up and running. Also included is a piece that goes to the machine but am unsure as to where.

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image: press3.jpg


image: press.jpg


image: Press2.jpg


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This press looks like a Model (yes, that’s the name) and I think the piece that is lying on the copying or bookbinding press is the ink disc pawl, which is supposed to advance the ink disc each time the press is closed. The Model is very similar to the Kelsey, but the ink roller arms are counterbalanced by those ball counterweights so it can operate more smoothly. It looks to be in good condition but I don’t see the chase. I hope you have it!


It looks a bit like a Model with the counter weights but it is not a Model as the tracks on a Model go up the side of the disk. Also it appears that the chase has been combined with the tracks, not a feature of Model or Kelsey.
Those Y shaped parts on the back are not found on Kelsey or Model presses.


It is a Model. I just need a few more pictures to distinguish which type it is.

If the tracks are indeed incorporated into is is a VERY RARE original Model press and NOT the Improved version, which is more common. One of the main improvements was having a case independent of the rail tracks. Having the tracks as part of the chase was probably the DUMBEST idea ever. I know because I have one and you cannot distribute the ink without the chase (and form) in the press.



I will take more pictures next week. Thank you all very much!

Rick is absolutely correct. If Rick’s press is the one I’m thinking of, the NO2 I have seen his.
A very Rare Model PRESS, this one I gather would be the NO 3.