Need Trip Suction Part - Heidelberg Windmill

Hey guys,

So I am hoping one of you have one of these lying around and willing to sell me at a reasonable price. I am not quite exactly sure what is wrong with mine. I think I have missing or broken parts and when I bought my press the plunger at the back that trips the handle was wired shut so it does not function. But the plunger just gets jammed up bad when I try and run it without being restrained. I am including lots of photos. I figure it would be easiest to just get the whole assembly instead of trying to fix mine. But suggestions are welcome! I have my black ball 100 percent operational with the exception of this thing.

image: IMG_6980.JPG


image: IMG_6981.JPG


image: IMG_6982.JPG


image: IMG_6983.JPG


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I’ve seen those forsale on eBay. One just recently.

Duplicate post

Theo, I missed out on the one for sale a couple weeks ago. And I am checking Ebay regularly. Thought I would post here just to see if anyone had one they’d part with.

Try calling Wittenberg? They usually have used parts like these…

I am in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. if shipping is not a huge issue, i would discuss fixing this for you.

isaboa, I bet the one you missed out on ebay is the one I won. I’ll take a look at it to see what the differences are.

In photo 6982 the triangular metal piece you can see at the top of the photo with the bolt through it is broken. It should have a tab that extends through the piece directly below it in the photo.

Check out the parts manual, part T 1649 should be your culprit.

Yep, you have a piece that has broken off. Here is what it should look like,

image: image.jpeg


jfeltz, sure enough. Also that auction ended at 3am alaska time and I kick myself for not staying up and duking it out with you… I did get the rollers (and there was a rider roller in there!) and frisket parts for a sweet deal. so it wasn’t a total loss.

Thanks so much Nervous John for the part number. I will get in touch with Wittenberg for a replacement.

Ericm - If i have difficulties, I will certainly take you up on that offer.

isaboa, Haha, I wouldn’t of duked it out to much more, $80 was all I wanted to go! I got the auction just to have a spare. If Wittenberg is sky high for that part let me know. We can work out a deal, since I can’t see how that would break under normal usage.

At a risk of upsetting *Wittenberg* IF all else fails. and from the U.K.!! Our >Senior Graphics<….. Printers Engineers, par excellence could supply, off the shelf, the whole sub assembly, for £65 sterling, plus shipping of course, unfortunately, OR part Number T 1649, for £15 sterling, again and unfortunately + shipping.!!
Again if all else fails, I could, given the request On Line/On B.P. do the groundwork for the weight and shipping cost(s) although *Senior,s* are more than Happy to ship worldwide.??

[email protected]

Good Luck. Mick.

Mick, I tried emailing you a couple times. give me a shout.. [email protected]

Joe, Have posted response via the Briar Press channels, usually 100% result(s)
I can not access your line of contact above, probably because I am as old as *Rip Van Winkle* maybe older,! and came up in the 20th. century, as well. Mick.