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Well this is a little embarrassing. I am putting my press back together and don’t know where This piece goes :( I have attached a photo. I tried to keep everything labeled but some things got mixed up :(

image: image.jpeg


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Make/Model? I’m guessing C&P, and this is the cam follower from either the rocker lock cam, or the platen cam.

Yes sorry, make and model would help. C&P 8x12 Oldstyle. I have attached photos of the rollers/cams that I have put back on. This is the smallest one, I know it is not for the gear.

Thank you.

image: IMG_0780.JPG


image: IMG_0778.JPG


image: IMG_0777.JPG


Is there possibly a clue in the Size/Diameter of the roller.?

Normally such rollers either run on an external cam, with only one point of contact, Or as and on, Internal cam tracks, where the roller is sandwiched and driven in both *planes* simultaneously,?? …Usually for precise timing.!!!

Examples of both in Your own shots, 0780 & 0778, same shaft on the opposite side of M/c. maybe.!!

Apologies for rubbish. If it so be. Mick.

It is about 1.125 diameter and about 7/8 wide.

I am not at my shop to inspect my press at the moment, so cannot judge dimensions.
There are two round cam followers which ride in internal kidney shaped cams. Both are a bit hard to see and often suffer from lack of adequate oiling.
One is internal to the bull gear and is viewed leaning over the delivery board and looking down to the right to view the inside of the bull gear while turning the flywheel by hand.
The second is part of the throw-off mechanism and is viewed (with difficulty) from the back of the press. One has an assistant operate the throw-off lever to see what moves back there down pretty low.
And, there is a third one viewed again while leaning over the delivery board with the platen open. Look down to the left over the bottom of the platen.
If all of these have received decent oiling in the past, they will show shiny metal both on the internal cam and on the roller cam follower.
A plug for frequent oiling. I oil each time before I use the press. If there isn’t some oil on the floor; you are not oiling enough. Nuisance to clean up, put extends the happy life of the old iron.

Get some ink on your shirt.

had a eureka moment and figured out where it went haha. I believe it goes to the bar that holds the grippers. Thanks!

Perhaps this would help.
Go to http://boundstaffpress.blogspot.com/p/chandler-and-price-letterpress.htm....
Near the bottom of the list, click on the header,
C&P New Series Parts ID
Down load and you can check all the parts. Although it is a New Series, most parts are the same or very similar.