Washington Flat Iron

Where do I find the serial no. on a 1860 Cincinnati Type Foundry Press.

image: 2012-08-04 13.15.59.jpg

2012-08-04 13.15.59.jpg

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It probably does not have one. Few, or none, of the numerous CTF Washington hand presses recorded in the North American Hand Press Database I maintain, which records almost 1200 hand presses of all makes and models, have serial numbers recorded.


pmerril, from the photo I cringe.
the press is “on” impression and appears
to be on the corner blocks ouch!
best to release the devil’s tail “impression lever”
gently off impression,
resting to the non operator side.
best james

Does anyone know of the location of any chases for this press??

What size do you need?

I suggest you have a machinist cut & finish a one piece chase from 3/4” thick stock. Make it 1 1/2” - 2” wide on all 4 sides to handle the lock-up stress within such a large chase. Make outside dimensions about 2” in from corner irons of bed. A much less expensive option would be to use 4 stock iron sections, squared-up and bolted flush on ends. Don’t be surprised if it weighs 50++ lbs, but once locked in with 8 sets of large (4”) quoins, it will become a permanent part of the press. Smaller, stock chases, similar to what you already have, can be used in the interior.