Type Wash and Roller Wash

I would like to know the most effective or the (best) roller wash and type wash that can be recommended. At the moment I use mineral spirits (Gamsol). I’m not sure this is the best wash to use for both. Can someone recommend what is the most reliable ones in the trade. Thank you, Larry

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You can spend more money for dedicated type and press wash. Some are good.
Plain old inexpensive mineral spirits or kerosene work very well. Kerosene may leave a little oily residue. If you are going to get right back to printing with the type or poly plate, a wipe with alcohol will remove the residue.

Alcohol will dry out Polyplates and they crack.

I have used a Water Miscible (Hydroblend) from
www.iccompoundco.com for the last 25 years without any ill effect, and it’s cheap.