Adana 5 x 3 ink disc ratchet broken

I’m new to letterpress printing, recently acquired an Adana 5x3. But the ink disc ratchet is broken. In the attached photo that’s the black broken part. Anyone could tell me if this is an original ratchet? I have no idea how does the ratchet look like..

I saw on Caslon website selling spare parts, where “5x3 ink dis ratchet connecting arm” is listed. But I’m not sure if it includes the black ratchet. If it is not included, can anyone suggest where I can buy it?

Thank you a lot.

image: 5x3ratchet.jpg


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In the mean time, I believe with a little ingenuity you could make something that would work; maybe out of a piece of wood or something that is balanced and weighted in a manner that would facilitate basic function. It would not be a complicated piece. Be nice to have an original replacement however.

If you can’t find a replacement easily, and you can get that (what looks like) rivet that is holding the broken one out, and get a photo of a complete one from someone, you could make a replacement out of a small piece of 1/8 inch thick aluminum by sawing it out with a hacksaw and filing it to shape. Aluminum will wear out eventually more quickly than cast iron the original was evidently made of, but it will last a very long time. A machine shop would doubtless have a small scrap of 1/8 inch aluminum they would give you.


David and AdLibPress, thanks for the suggestions. Let me make one by myself then, it seems more fun!

I’ll see if I can the dimensions for you on my 5x3 press. In the meantime, here is a picture of a ratchet on a HS-model from Adana, it might give you an idea.

image: HS2_3.jpg


Here are the dimensions and the photos

image: ratchet 5x3.jpg

ratchet 5x3.jpg

Hi thomas, that’s great! Thank you so much for posting the photo and measurement! I’ll try it out. Thanks!

The ratchets on the Adanas were originaly made of steel but later models have a plastic one. I can probably supply one if you need but making your own from any metal, plastic or even type metal is not difficult.
If you wish I can send you a specification direct, just send me an address through the Briar Press system.


I have the same problem. Was thinking of laser cutting it.

Is there any chance anyone has the measurements for the other 2 connecting arm joints? Does this makes sense? - The two smaller rounded connectors which join the ratchet tip to the large arm- both have crumbled