Vandercook # 2 Proof Press Blanket?

I have a Vandercook # 2 proof press. The blanket (rubber) surface is breaking down and I would like to replace it with a new one. There is also a blanket under the rubber. I have never taken it apart but I have inconsistencies with my prints. I’m not sure if it is the blanket but I would like to replace a new cover so there will not be any reason to think the blanket is the problem. The blanket’s width is 23.75”. I have attached pictures of the rubber like blanket. Does anyone know where I can get the rubber cover (blanket).

image: IMG_5278.JPG


image: IMG_5275.JPG


image: IMG_5276.JPG


image: IMG_5277.JPG


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NA Graphics sells top and bottom blankets for Vandercooks.
Rubber may be resiliant, but blankets are partly cloth and that can smash.

Possibly do a little research, trawl the web etc, for redundant Litho Press Blankets, and rubber sheeting for Vulcanizing on Moulding Press,s.???
Coast to Coast (U.S.) there must hundreds of thousands (litho Blankets) leaving Litho Houses destined for landfill or similar, maybe minus the Aluminium securing strips.??

Also as far back as the mid 50,s it was fairly common to source large sheets of traditional *FELT* as in felt hats.!!! Made excellent >under tympan< packing, i.e. on a BIG proof press, up to, Double Crown Posters, the felt as underlay/primary packing was VERY kind, where Poster type was less than perfect.!!

Felt was also used on the smaller Galley Proof Press, No grippers, No lay edge, just for proofing Ex Monotype/Ex linotype product.!!
Way back then, these press,s were just a *bed* to accept standard type and galley, with heavy roll along cylinder, like a giant Rolling Pin but with a circumference of 30” and no tympan/packing anchor points, just a concave aperture in the cylinder beyond 22” (galley length).
The felt was stitched around the cylinder, with the stitching falling in to the concave,!! inked via a hand brayer, proofing paper (usually news print) straight on to the type, with 2/3 sheet card as Tympan,
Again (generally) the felt, coupled with the *dead weight* weight of the cylinder gave good results.

It is/was rumoured that some unscrupulous apprentices did (we beleive)!! print the odd Coffee Bar *pass* for the Juke Box Saturday night, on such proofing press,s.?? especially for the Coffee Bar, that had the first “Seeburg V 200” in town.

what you have now is simply an Offset blanket. Its probably 0.067” to 0.080” and compressible with canvas back. If you know any local commercial printers in your area, go see them as they will have lots that you can cut down to your size. Offset printers smash blankets all the time, what you need is small and it will prevent some going to landfill. If you don’t know anyone, let me know where you are and I’ll give you a name and address. Or use paper packing instead. But rubber although a cheat is simpler.

I got rubber for my #2 at:

I really doubt you need to spend any money. We keep all our old offset 40” blankets -smashed or not. They have lots of uses. Go see the closest offset Printer in your area. They will have these and for free. Most smashes are reversible by soaking blankets in water overnight.