Will an automatic inking duct fit on a Mk1 Adana 8x5?

Just obtained a Adana Mk1 8x5, and was wondering what Adana accessories will work with this model.

Specifically the Automatic Inking Duct (like the one shown here http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ADANA-PRINTING-8-X-5-AUTOMATIC-INKING-DUCT-Lot-96-/131951868680?rmvSB=true&clk_rvr_id=1116532815372&nma=true&si=pV8q1BjqYlvnI957wfzxKsxyr8o%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557), as I cannot tell from images of it and a Mk3? that has it fitted ( http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Adana-Eight-Five-Letterpress-Printing-... ), how it fits on a Mk1 ( http://www.briarpress.org/?q=system/files/Adana_4.JPG ).

Any help would be appreciated.

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The answer is almost certainly *Yes* Auto ink duct will fit Adana 8 x 5 look up Adana,s Current price list,s Machines and Parts, including Auto Duct fitted to M/C as purchased and AS stand alone aftermarket supplied.
BUT for the extra cost involved and Your possible projected, output, will it be worth it, because basically, in the early stages and as a new Devotee, the chances of massive runs, involving one colour Day after Day are possibly remote,?? More like 50 Copies/Impressions and then change colour.!!

Of course You may have cornered a *Niche* market overprinting business cards by the *Thousands* around the clock!!! . . where Auto Ink Duct pays for its keep/purchase very very quickly, as does the 8 x 5 performing the same operation, i.e. ideally suited for mass >overprinting< of Fiddly business cards, AND Panel cards,???

If You take a close look just behind and under the Boss that carries the Ink Disc stub, can be seen 2 pre-drilled and *tapped/threaded* pilot holes, precisely for attaching the Duct mechanism.

The machine You quote on E bay is the One that I helped the Seller with regarding His original spiel i.e advised Him “WHAT” the*roller thing* was, atop the Machine, . . He reworded His Spiel, within 24 Hrs. Thanked me as an E bay member, which Was/Is appreciated.

Good Luck… Mick

Have to confess I can’t make head nor tail of the mis-capitalisation of the previous response and skim-read it as a result, although I’m sure it’s all factually correct. For the record though, I have EXACTLY this combination on my own Adana Mk1 8x5 and it works just fine…. when I need it to. Which I’ve found isn’t very often, but no matter. It sure looks pretty!

I actually bought three “broken - for spares or repairs” Adana ink-ducts and made one working one out of the three plus, as a bonus, fixed some frisket fingers from the left-over bits and pieces (which may or may not have been Adana originals) on my Cropper Peerless clamshell (a vintage British machine similar to, in fact based on I believe, a Golding Pearl from across the Pond)

Thank you both. Though it is not something I will probably use for a while, it is something I will get eventually. Hence the creation of this topic to ensure compatibility for my model.

PtolemyPhil, would you mind posting an image of your machine? I am curious how it fits together. One from the front and back if possible.

Looking at the pictures I believe that there were two versions of the ink duct.

image: ink duct2.jpg

ink duct2.jpg

image: ink duct.jpg

ink duct.jpg

Mine is the same as the first, upper photo of the two shown above (thanks to platenprinter for posting those!)

Hi PtolemyPhil, even though your ink duct is the one shown in the top model, I am assuming your 8x5 itself is the Mk1 shown in the below photo?

Also I am assuming the second model of ink duct on platernprinters lower photo would not fit on a Mk1?

image: Adana_4.JPG


Any answer on this would be great, as I have yet to see an image of an auto ink duct on a Mk1 with spring loaded arms.

Someone must have an image of a Mk1 with the automatic ink duct fitted surely?

If One can be bothered to look, check out E bay etc.etc, the actual machine referred to in my last original paragraph, still for sale and still including the *Thanks* to the other E bay member,??
Gives a perfect shot/image ETC.ETC. of your request.

Item no 222305842670, still 5 - 6 days to run.

Regarding Your shot, Adana_4JPG, Your item circled as number one (1) is merely a thin plate, as an end cap basically cosmetic, perhaps to keep rubbish from the base also.
Your item circled as number two (2) are merely thin, sprung, aluminium covers for the *Twin* springs carrying *Twin* independant roller hooks, ALWAYS determined by the One Piece Roller Carriage, - the graceful/busineslike *C* shaped piece in your own shot above, . . as opposed to Single rod, Single spring, L and R cased in section… . As seen in the 2 shots above.

The item on E bay is a perfect example of Single Rod, Single Spring, but carrying The auto ink duct.!!

Mick it is not that I cannot be bothered to look, it that I cannot work out how it attaches. The picture I attached was not my own, the circles were drawn on by a previous member.

The ebay example you posted is a Mk2 I believe. The reason I am asking is because of the vasty different back bar the Mk1 one has (like a squashed silver m).

The Model1 Ink duct attaches with a bolt on the far right side of the back bar. The Mk1 bar bar has a tiny little screw (see bottom image) hole in this place where the bolt should go…..how does it attach to this place?

With the Model2 ink duct the bar attaches to the middle of the back bar. But this attaches to the left side of the back bar, and the only place it could physically attach on the Mk1 back bar is located on the left (which is the wrong place, see top image).

All I want to see is an image of a Mk1 with the duct attached, which PtolemyPhil says he has. If you can show me how this attaches it will be greatly appreciated.

The urgency of my posts is because I have been offered a Model1 ink duct for £20. I don’t need it yet, but it would be lunacy for me to turn it down.

image: IMG_1277.JPG


image: IMG_1276.JPG


Your are right, there aren’t many images of a duct on a Mk1 press around.

Bolting a duct on is not a problem as you have the two fixing holes below the disk. The problem is how it links to drive the duct roller round. Your picture 1277 is the answer, a drive connection is made to that bolt at the back, as it goes up and down it will drive your duct roller round.

I think the duct on the Mk2 picture I posted is the one that fits on a Mk1, on the picture the connection is to the rear cross bar, this would go to the bolt on a Mk1.

image: mk1 duct.jpg

mk1 duct.jpg

image: 8x5mk1 backend.jpg

8x5mk1 backend.jpg

There definitely are two versions of the ink duct, with some differences , I have one of each and never use either.! Maybe there were more than two versions of the 8 x 5 in the post WW2 period. In a box somewhere. ..sigh!

Thank you platenprinter that image you found is brilliant!

I had a conversation with Roy Caslon yesterday, and he mentioned there are possibly 3 models of the ink duct. I am guessing based on your findings platernprinter, that maybe this is an alternate configuration of the one you posted?

I agree that there appears to be three versions of ink duct depending on the model of 8x5. There probably aren’t many ink ducts for the Mk 1 around.

Probably sadly not, though after talking to Roy he mentioned he might have one laying around somewhere for me.