We need to order engravings for use on 12x18 platen presses in our museum. Anyone have recommendations on where to order them?

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What are you wanting engravings of?

Photo engravings, cuts? On magnesium or copper?

There are many engravers out there


I use this company.

Photos, line drawings and text… for use on platen presses.


Owosso may be your best bet. You can submit high-res graphic files online and their turn-around is 1-2 days on most work. I recommend you stick with wood-mounted copper photoengravings, which are a bit more expensive but will last much longer with less need for special treatment than would the magnesium plates otherwise available. You will still need to protect them from much moisture to prevent the wood blocks from expanding or warping. If that could be a problem you should think about getting a patent base system and using plates made for use on that system.


Prairiepaper, I hope you don’t mind if I ask the BP community a separate but related question, which you may be interested in as well: will Owosso and some of the other engravers still accept black and white art (like illustrations cut out of old Dover Publications copyright free clip art books) to make engravings from?

Concord Engraving, and prolly everyone else, would do a high resolution scan of your hard copy.

Pella Engraving Company:
[email protected]
toll free 877-549-5447
Nice small family owned company.

Thank you Lammy and Gachap, much appreciated!